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Reng Hua – 3 Most Popular Chinese Soups to Order in Castle Rock

Over the years, Chinese dishes have become one of the most popular intercontinental dishes in the world. Chinese soups are as old as the history of cooking itself, and they’re an integral part of the Chinese dish. The simple fact is, we can’t think of Chinese food without a bowl of hot soup sliding into our thoughts!

Every Chinese menu you see will have several soups highlighted, and they are often classified according to the cooking method and ingredients used.

If you plan to order Chinese takeout in Castle Rock, you’re in for a treat! Here are some delicious soups, the famous Reng Hua restaurant is waiting to feed you!

· Egg Flower Soup

Some claim most Chinese soups can treat fever and cold. We agree with this, and if you’ve ever tasted the egg flower soup, you’ll agree too. If you’re feeling a little bit under the weather, a bowl of hot egg flower soup can do wonders for you!

· Hot & Sour Soup

If you want to order a hot bowl of Chinese soup this winter, go for the spicy and delicious hot & sour soup.

The soup is made with fresh ingredients like carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, sour broth, etc. There’s vinegar in there too, so it’s hot, spicy, and sour. A perfect bane of the cold air!

· Wonton Soup

The wonton soup is one of the most popular Chinese soups ever made. This classic Chinese dish is relatively easy to make and is the perfect meal to order on a busy day or if you want something fast yet tasty. The classic soup is a delicious combination of hot broth, vegetables, and wontons.

The friendly staff and excellent services at Reng Hua make the restaurant the perfect place to get your Chinese cuisines in Castle Rock. They always use fresh and high-quality ingredients to prepare their dishes.

There are more than just Chinese soups to order from Reng Hua, so prepare to be spoilt for choice! Their menu options are appetizers, lo mein Cantonese styles, chow mein, pork, chicken, rice, egg foo young, etc.

If you want something other than Chinese dishes, you can make your selection from their American menu. There’s also the special Senior menu and drinks to go with. They always provide you with classic Chinese dishes presented beautifully in a modern fashion.

Ready for some delicious Chinese soup takeout or any other dish on the menu? All you need to do is visit our website to place your order. We make deliveries to 98611, 98649, 98593, 98645, 98626. Please click here to place orders from the famous Reng Hua Chinese restaurant.

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