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Vaults Books and Brew - 3 Drinks You Can’t Resist While Reading

What’s better than reading your favorite book on a good day? Well, that would be reading your favorite book and having a tasty cup of your favorite drink! But wait, there’s more!

Imagine if there are squads of other book lovers scurrying all around you, gushing about great books you’ve not even heard about!

Trust us, that experience is heaven. And believe it or not, your choice can influence the type of book you’re reading.

While there’s no universal rule stating what you should drink while reading what book, not all drinks go well with certain kinds of books; you really don’t want to drink something alcoholic while reading a romantic novel after suffering a breakup. However, with these four drinks, you can’t go wrong with your choice of books to read.

· Hot Chocolate

What better way to soothe your chocolate cravings than drinking a cup of hot chocolate while reading your favorite book?

Be careful not to smear the drink on the pages of your books, though, lest you bring the wrath of the owners on you! Here’s an idea: use a straw instead of sipping it directly from the cup while reading.

· Coffee

Coffee drinks have been in existence for over 1000 years now, and people have always taken them to stay alert and active. But honestly, we like coffee more because it’s an avenue for us to socialize and meet like-minded folk, so what you? Why do you take it?

On another note, and whether it’s a novel, magazine, workbook, or even a newspaper, drinking coffee while reading helps you relax while putting you in the right frame of mind to enjoy what you are reading. If you are hanging out with other book lovers, coffee is also a great choice of drink.

· Tea

Books and tea! What a fantastic combination! Drinking tea is a brilliant way to keep yourself warm and have a memorable time reading your favorite books. Tea soothes you as you sip it, and it’s a perfect beverage for any book you would like to read.

Are you planning to read some books this season? Make sure you accompany each book with a cup of your favorite drink. Drinks are sure to improve your reading culture, and Vaults Books and Brew is always ready to provide you with an unforgettable drinking and reading experience!

With over 5000 books and some of the best locally brewed beverages, you will find in Castle Rock, we know you’ll have a great reading session each time you step into the Vaults Books and Brew. Don’t miss out on the fantastic Ghiradelli Premium Sauces and 5 Sparrows Stevia; they’re our favorites, and we hope they’ll be yours too!

Vaults Books and Brew will always be happy to provide you with a unique reading and drinking experience, and we are always pleased to deliver.

We make deliveries to 98611, 98649, 98593, 98645, 98626. If you would like to order any of these exotic drinks, log on to the app, and you can place your order.

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