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CJ’s Pizza - 3 Most Popular Pizza Toppings of All Time

While there are probably millions of pizza toppings currently available globally, there are certain pizza toppings that just can’t be, well… Topped!

The three pizza toppings below are classic; they are timeless and always fun to munch on. Are you ready? Let’s get to it!

· Pepperoni Pizza Topping

Pepperoni is a slightly spicy and processed pork product whose origin can be traced back to 1919 in New York. Pepperoni has since been used to prepare different dishes, including pepperoni rolls, cheese boards, sandwiches, and pizza.

We need not tell you it’s an all-time favorite for Americans, do we? Heck, it’s now become a favorite for multiple nationalities!

The pepperoni’s salty and slightly spicy taste and crispy nature when baked make it an excellent topping for pizzas!

· Margherita Pizza Topping

A pizza topping made with mozzarella cheese, Marzano tomatoes, and fresh basil! So, have we gotten your attention yet?

The Margherita pizza topping is widely believed to have originated from Italy in 1889 after Raffaele Esposito, an Italian chef, created the Pizza Margherita in honor of Margherita of Savoy, the then Queen of Italy.

To this day, Margherita pizza toppings remain one of the most popular pizza toppings existing, and that’s the truth!

· BBQ Chicken Pizza Topping

The BBQ chicken pizza topping was first created by Ed LaDou, a Californian pizza chef in 1985, who was known for his out-of-the-box pizza inventions.

The first BBQ chicken pizza topping was made with BBQ sauce, chicken (duh!), red onions, cilantro, and fontina cheese.

Though the combination was considered weird at first, it turned out to be loved by all. The BBQ chicken pizza is quite famous for its sweet and savory taste.

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