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Papa Pete’s Pizza – 3 Fun Ways to Eat Pizza

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

It’s the year 2021, and we’re all still locked up at home. What’s the best way to pass the time? Munching on pizza, of course!

The Rock Eats keeps families in and around Castle Rock happy by delivering excellent family meals from our very own restaurants.

Papa Pete’s Pizza was a favorite pizza joint before the pandemic and remains so. If you’ve never had a slice of Papa Pete’s pizza, you’ve been missing out.

All you have to do is make your order online. You might need help deciding on which pizza to order and while all of Papa Pete’s pizzas are excellent, the family pepperoni is one of their most popular dishes.

So we've established that Papa Pete's Pizza is yummy..and now here's how to eat it:

  • Fold Those Slices in Half

This technique is better for larger pizzas, but honestly, it makes eating any pizza fun. Papa Pete’s family pepperoni serves five people and is 20 slices.

Pick up a slice, fold it in half right down the middle and chow away. Believe it or not, one uncanny squirrel in New York was caught on camera folding pizza before nibbling away at it (true story! It happened back in July 2015).

· Stack ‘Em up

This technique is not for everyone. We only recommend this for people well-versed in multi-tasking; you know, the over-achievers who give the word ‘mouthful’ an entirely new meaning.

If you fit this description, you simply stack one pizza slice atop another and bite down. If you’re feeling adventurous, make it three pieces instead of two...and yes, we want to see pictures on Facebook.

We’ve heard that this method has been dubbed ‘The Travolta’, in homage to the way John Travolta downs pizza in his timeless flick, Saturday Night Fever.

Papa Pete’s family is the perfect meal for a movie night with the family. Click here and go to our website to order for delivery any of their pizzas, chicken or salads. There are no minimum orders when you use the Rock Eats app.

We deliver Castle Rock's best restaurants to 98611, 98649, 98593, 98645, 98626 zip codes.

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